Add Another Story is a visibility project.

Stories are powerful.  They are not, of course, sufficient to achieve acceptance and equality on their own, but they are significant.  Sharing the stories that aren’t often told can introduce people to new ideas and perspectives, increase empathy, and prove that no one is alone in what they go through.  Sharing your own story can of course be beneficial as well, both as catharsis and as a way of processing and reexamining experiences.

There are few limits to what stories can be included here.  Stories are anonymous, with minimal information for context, and may include any and all personal experiences of marginalization.  Within that limit, do whatever you like: stories may be first, second, or third person; prose or poetry; short or long.  If you’d like to write multiple stories focusing on different intersecting marginalized identities, or after some time has passed and your perspective has changed, feel free to.  If you’d like to combine them into one, you’re free to do that as well.

Once I receive the stories, I will check the formatting and anonymity, and otherwise post them as I receive them.  I’ll also save backup copies, just in case something happens.  When stories have been posted, they’re available to anyone who wants to read them.

If you’d like to add a story, you can check out the How To Add A Story page.


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